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Dr. McLaughlin and family
Dr. John McLaughlin

John enjoying a lighter moment in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, his wife's hometown. Dr. McLaughlin taught English Language and Linguistics in Rivne, Ukraine at Rivne State Humanities University as a Senior Fulbright Scholar. He is an honorary professor in the Romance and Germanic Languages Department there.

Open Space
Dr. Rebecca Walton

Rebecca spent several months doing research in India.

Here she spends a lighter moment with her friend, Fred.

Dr. Hailey on his tractor
Dr. David Hailey

David is using his tractor to bury a waterline at his cabin in Idaho.

He spends much of his (and Keith's) time building and improving a cabin miles off the grid.

Dr. Grant-Davie at work
Dr. Keith Grant-Davie

Keith is putting on the finishing touches, helping Dave Hailey add a bathroom to his cabin.

If you ever want someone to put perfect gingerbread on your house, he's your man.

Dr. Ryan with David
Dr. Ryan Moeller

Rylish Moeller and David Christiansen mug for the camera at Christiansen’s graduation ceremony.

Dr. John McLaughlin

John with his wife Irina at the Utah Renaissance Festival in Weber County.

The bottle of Coca-Cola is a specially manufactured replica of the 14th century original.

Dr. Rebecca Walton in India
Dr. Rebecca Walton

Walton spent time in India doing research.

Dr. Hailey with his photos
Dr. David Hailey

David poses in front of some of the images he had in his one-man photographic show.

David's art style is to photograph ugly objects and, using PhotoShop, convert them into digital paintings -- He calls it PhotoSurrealism.

Dr. Grant-Davie on the river
Dr. Keith Grant-Davie

Keith and his friend Catherine prepare to launch their kayak for a trip down the Salmon river.

The trip is about 10 miles of alternating rapids, riffles, and pools.