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Dr. Avery Edenfield

Dr. Avery Edenfield

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: RWST 204D


Dr. Edenfield has been at Utah State University since 2016. His research agenda works at the intersections of professional communication and community-embedded workspaces with specific attention to cooperatives, collectives, and nonprofits. His research interests include theories of participation, rhetorics of empowerment and democracy, and community engagement in professional communication. Avery’s work has appeared in Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Nonprofit Quarterly, and Technical Communication.

Select Publications

Edenfield, A.C. & Andersson, F. O. (in press). Growing pains: The transformative journey from a nascent to a formal not-for-profit venture. Voluntas.

Edenfield, A.C. (2018). The burden of ambiguity: Writing at a cooperative. Technical Communication, 65(1), 31-45.

Edenfield, A. (2017). Power and communication in worker cooperatives: An overview. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 47(3), 260-79.